Our primary motivation for creating this feminist manifesto is obvious upon closer inspection. All band members are involved in one way or another with the creative power of nature. Be it in their work with natural materials, in creating natural sound effects using traditional instruments, in hiking through the mighty mountain landscapes surrounding us, or in experiencing the essence of life first hand in working as a midwife.

Femininity, with all its wonderful facets, has received little attention in the musical niche in which we operate. We heard the call to dedicate ourselves passionately to this concept, and so the second album after "Ufang" is also cyclically structured and deals with elemental aspects of femininity. Our aim of this album is not to portray all characteristics and perspectives of a universal femininity - for us, it is too unbounded and individual to do it justice. As the name suggests, "D'Muata" places the fundamental focus on being born and gaining conscious by means of embodying the female elementary power and the responsibility towards life, being and becoming a mother in a musical way. Themes such as female sexuality, the stigma of menstruation, but also the loss of a child or violence against women, including femicide, are expressed and processed through our devotion and personal connections. Additionally, we chose two female ancient folklore figures from the Alpine region to give a face to the auditory Alpine horror in 'Langtuttin & Stampa'.

We worked with Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR) throughout the whole album in order to create an immersive listening experience which highlights the emotional value of the songs for the band. The band visioned “D'Muata” as an artistic form of creating a monument for women with every single image, every played note, every articulated word, but also every presented visual.

Perchta Band


Vom Verlånga

Ois wås ma san

Heiliges Bluat





Långtuttin & Stampa

Mei Dianä, Mei Bua

Vom Valånga

Female sexuality has always been considered a great mystery. Perhaps it is due to the centuries-long taboo surrounding the female body, considering that until 2022 the woman's pubic area was depicted incompletely in biology textbooks. The clitoris was deemed as too irrelevant of an organ to receive mention in the medical world and society. But this censorship gave rise to generations of women who were denied the opportunity to get to know their own bodies and functions better.

Even today, women's arousal and ejaculation receive too little attention and fall victim to the distorted image of pornography.

It is all the more important to give the representation of female desire with all its multifaceted sensuality, wildness and desire, an unrestrained stage and to draw attention to the wonder and beauty of the naturalness of the female body.

The main focus is to be set on empowerment, self-contentment, power of the individual, and autonomy of every female being. Outdated, manipulative thought constructs and stigmatizations propagated by the media must be broken down. It is of highest urgency to move away from a world of superficial self-expression, assimilation and optimization of body image and towards more self-esteem and authenticity.

Perchta Band

Published: 2024, Prophecy Records

Perchta Band

Schuitaschluss da Schwesternschåft

We chose the symbol, created by Cartismandua, for its meaning as strengthening vessel of connection and empowerment of all women. The embodiment of our new album "D'Muata"